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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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All bout me!

~This is ALL about ME!~

HIYYAAAAAAAA! *waves* This is about me!

Okay, well, I love the musical CATS, and also the musical Les Miserables and GREASE. My favourite characters in CATS are Mungojerrie, Rumpleteazer, Griddlebone, Alonzo and Macavity. My fav character in Les Miserables is Eponine, and my fav characers in GREASE are Sonny and Rizzo.
At the moment, I'm reading a book called Pandora, by Anne Rice, and in that, my favourite character is....PANDORA!!!!!!!!!  She's EVILLL! She sucks the heart dry of blood by ripping it ut of her victum....

I'm in heaps of RPG's. I think it's about...25, which is a lot to keep up with! I go by the names Katamania, Rumpleteazer, Autumn, Rinoa, Lahaina, Salz and Bomby.

I have loads of friends, since I'm insane. My friends in my *real* life, are Danielle, Grace, Tam and Dazzy, (Those are my four special best friends) and then also, Ashleigh, Debbie, Emily, Angie, Lindsay, (he's the Devil) Harriet, Ant, Aly, Tam, Kahlia, Kate, Jade, Shelley, Ioly, Kierah, Katherine, BJ, Lee, Jake, Amy, Alicia.
Then you get my online friends!!! There's Kier, Audrey, Adora, Amrieta, Quick, Jama, Gingi, Ach and Lightfoot.

My favourite shows on TV are Buffy, Daria, Blue's Clue's!!!!!!!!!!! Futurama, The Simpsons, The Amanda Show, Australian Survivor (HA! THE AMERICANS COULDN'T HACK OUR LAND AT ALL! AUSTRALIAN RULZS!) and I also like The Mole and DEFINATLY Dark Angel!!!!.
I also like anything Monty Python.

Things I love:
~Metalic and sparkly pens
~The British accent, It's soooo funny! And cute ;)
~Spike off Buffy, because he's evilllllll
~In weather, I love warmth! I come from Australia, what do you expect?!? lol.
~In music, I like Nsync, Eminem, Weird Al, Limp Bizket and a few other things.
~In movie soundtracks, I love the Moulin Rouge CD, now THATS a movie album.
~My fav movies are:
~Moulin Rouge
~Josie and the Pussycats
~The Harry Potter movie
~X-Men (My fav is Mystique)
~Charlies Angels
~Yolngu Boy
~Crocodile Dundee in LA
~Emporers New Groove
~Coyote Ugly
~Blue Streak
~Rocky and Bullwinkle
~Chicken Run
~Rabbit Proof Fense
~Queen of the Damned (Even though it's not out yet)

In other words, I love nearly anything!

BTW, It's by birthday on the 2nd of September, and everyone had better send me a online birthday card! I'm turning 16! *is special*
My idea of a great day, is reading all day in the arms of a cute guy, (lol, well, IT COULD HAPPEN! :P) listening to some music (NOT SLOW ROMANTIC STUFF! :S Yuck!) I love fav's are Peanuts comics and Calvin and Hobbes comics, Pandora, Harry Potter, anything by Elisabeth Honey, STAR WARS...the list goes on...if you ask me, I'd read anything to relax in the arms of a cute guy! lol, j/k! He'd have to have a cool personality, who gives about looks? YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! *goes off to play with some fire*
Well, that's about all I think, this is fun! I like making web sites! Especially about me! ;)