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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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la la la

A page for sayings and phrases...

Ever wanted something stupid to say? Well, here's a page with a whole heap of stupid things me and my friends say..well....every day! Because uh...well....I'll get back to you on that one!

~ la la la - My personal fav, as you can see!

~ CHICKEN!!!!! - I have no idea where Emily or Angie got this from...and really, I don't wanna know! We say it when we don't know what to say, or when we're insane...which is all the time...I'll shut up now...

~ YEAH! That's what I thought!!! - I dunno where I got this from, but I'll driving everyone crazy with it at the moment! lol...

~ Uh...possum...? - That's when Lindsay got sick and tired os saying Chicken...

~ Uh...whatever! - Everyone says it, but I think 'the group' has a special, annoying way of saying it!

~ MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! - I say this because I'm evil...and that's all....*evil grin*

~ THE DEVIL'S SISTER SHALL LIVE ON! - Another one from me...cause I'm the Devil's sister... YEAH!

~If you like that sort of thing... - This is only annoying when said by Ioly or Lindsay...otherwise, it's just not funny...

~ DEATH TO ALL YEAR 8's!!!!! - From Lindsay...we take delight in throawing water ballows at the year 8's at our school. Why? Because we're year 9's!

~ Towards Tomorrow, cause Today sux - That's our school logo, well, it's actually, Towards Tomorrow, but as kids, we decided to spice it up a tad.

~ WAZZZZZAPPPPPP!!??!?! - Isn't it ovious? Doesn't everyone say it? (With the exception of Kier...*giggles* It's funny what he wants to do to the guy who thought it up)

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Something Grace found on Neopets. That reminds me, I should feed my stupid little things huh? Now what's my password....hmmmm....

~ "Cartoon Cartoons, FRIDAY!!!!!" - A stupid add on Cartoon Network.

~ "We just got a letter, we just got a letter! We just got a letter, Let's see who it's from!!!!!" - FROM BLUES CLUES!!!!!!! :D

~ *poke poke poke poke poke* "Daddddddyyyyyy?"
"See! This'll teach you and Angie never to have kids!" - That's from me and Lindsay, he's my daddy! And Angie's his girlfriend, I like to annoy the hell out of them!

~ "Hi, I'm Smoky, and this is my friend Dopey, and we're going to do the Hokey Pokey, Okie dokie?" - From Emily and me. She's Smoky and I'm Dopey! I don't know my left hand from my right.

~ "Oops! I got wet!" - From Kate when she jumps in the bushes after it's rained.

~ "GET OUT OF MY CHAIR!" - We stole chaires from the classroom!!!! heeheehee! *shhhhhhhhh!* We wrote our names on them and if someone else sits in you own chair....ooooo, they'd better look out! My chair got smashed up...:(

~ "Hey you guys, the bell just went..."
"So...?" - Sometimes, we don't care if the bell went, we still sit around talking for a while longer.

~ "Debbie! Lee took your bag!"
"Ooh!!! Lee!" - We think Lee likes Debbie! But shhhhh! He's always stealing her bag.

~ "Where's my Angie?" - From Lindsay, when he's deprived of his girlfriend Angie for more then a minute.

~ "What do you want?"
"Where's my tip?"
"Keep the change"
"Wow...20 cents..." - We're kind and loving, so whenever someone's going to get food, we yell "WHO WANT'S SOMETHING!?!" And we take their money and orders. Debbie, Kate and Lee usually get stuck with this job.

~ "SHIRBET FIZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - We have them at school, WE GO EVEN HIGHER ON THEM! Specially durning science class!

WELL, THATS IT! I hope you enjoyed our group sayings, and I hope they help you in the future. Wheather you yell it at some older kid who's about to bash you up, or if it's in the middle of a test, we know, it shall help you greatly...

la la la, this is still the bottom of the la la...