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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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Bout Katamania

About Katamania

~Appearence- Has a white coat with orange and black patches that cover most of the
white. She has dark green eyes that are usually glaring at everything.
She has a blue star earring in her right ear, in memory of her father and her dead
brother, and her dead best friend.

~Personality- With the adopted father of Macavity, what do YOU think her personality
is like huh? What do YOU think?
She has a temper, and is very sarcastic with everything and everyone. She likes to say
she has no friends, to be independent, but even she knows deep down she has some
friends, and some of her friends are Jellicles. She loves fighting and isnt scared of
fighting anyone. Her main goals in life are to look depressed, never ask a Jellicle for
help (or ask anyone for that matter) and wipe out the Jellicles all together, like her
father wanted.

Thanks Gingi for drawing this for me!

~Background- Her real family hated her. They were her parents, Jantren and Neild,
her older sister (from another litter) Lessa, and in her litter, from oldest for youngest
were Xentos, Zizztsa, Kata, Istar (who looks identical to Kata) Aztec, who was the
only male of the litter. From the start, everyone hated Kata, except for Aztec. To
make a very long story short, someone killed Aztec, everyone thought it was Kata
(which isnt true) they hated her even more, and abandoned her. Maca found her,
taught her everything, blah blah blah. Exotica, Rumpleteazer and Griddlebone looked
after her as well. Everything was okay for a while, she had a father, and few brothers
and sister, and a best friend, Raza. Then her father died, her closest brother Cazity
died, and then her best friend, Raza died. Kata hated life from then on, and got a lair
near the Jellicles, swearing shell carry on her fathers aim in life. So far, no luck, since
she cant be bothered to do anything. Shes looking after two kittens she found,
Satine, and Raza, named after her best friend, and a cool chick she saw in a movie.
She doesnt have a mate cause she doesnt like lovey dovey stuff, and keeps to herself,
not wanting to look powerless.

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