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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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Fantasy World

This is about my friend Danny and my Fantasy World.

I have a best friend, and his name is Danny! He lives in a fantasy world that I go to and everythings fantastic there coz everything right and okay. There isn't any pollen or other stuff that makes me sneese and get sick, and there isn't any slurrys. (Girls who wear makeup and devote their life to boring things and make everything about them fake. Fake smiles, fake laughs, fake loves, etc.)
But anyway, Danny is fantasic coz he's a guy and I love the name Daan and Danny, and he doesn't have the normal one tracked mind that guys usually have, and he loves most of the same things I do, and he always makes me feel better even though you never get sad in the fantasy world.

In the fantasy world, all your favourite music is always playing and the internet always works and the computers are always fast and there is every single playstation game ever made and there's big fluffly pillows and bean bags and loads of animals who are never homeless and no one ever gets sick and theres no annoying little kids and theres no old people who hate you.
You always have your favourite book near you and the pages are always white and they never have the top corners folded to keep your place, it just 'is there'. You always know where you're up to. The books never fall apart and nothing ever breaks and nothing ever is sold out, the shops always have everything and anything you like, and it's always free, you never have to pay for anything and everyones happy.

There's no school but you know everything by eating choclate and drinking Smashing Rasberry Soft Drink. (A drink my uncle Peter made just for me)
There's all your favourite friends and no one ever fights and you only fall in love with people who love you just as much so no one ever gets hurt and everythings fantastic.

Welcome to my fantasy world.
I'm thinking of writing fanfiction about it but no one probably gives a damn anyway, so I'll keep it to myself.