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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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BEHOLD! My fanfics! *Dramatic music plays in the background*

So yeah! Here's my fanfics! Also, on the topic of Fanfics, does anyone out there want me to write a fanfic about them, with them in it, or about anything at all, with your requests? I'll be happy to write a fanfic about anything, anyone, anytime, (As long as it's not X rated shit, okay?)
E-mail me if you have any requests...

BTW, The Hells Dames series that might of been here before is going to be away for a few weeks. They were some of the first fanfic I ever wrote and THEY SUCKED! So I'm re-doing them. They'll be back in a while.

E-mail Kata!

Mystical Changes

Miata C Pawz - Kata's version - by Kata

Miata C Pawz - Miata's Version - By Dexia

Miata C Pawz - Dexia's version - By Dexia

*is reading her new book, Interview with the Vampire* Uh...yeah...HUH? What am I suposed to be doing again? Oh, yeah...uploading my fanfics...yeah...I'll do a sec...whatever...

*is now spinning around on her computer chair* YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! BEING DIZZY IS FUN!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now my head's hurting...I have two fanfics in there by Dexia, since they're part of a mini series. She can up originally with the story line, and I wanted more fanfics for this page! I'm a tad busy at the moment, so i just linked them up to my Geocities copys, but soon I'll put them all into Tripod and they'll look HEAPS better...
*goes back to spinning arund really fast*

I just don't understand why you keep looking at the bottom of the page!