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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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25th of Feburary 2002
Yes I am still alive! MWUAHAHAHA!  I'm just adding a few new pages here and there, and updating nearly every page.  Also new layout!
5th of September

I added three pages, 'Hells Dames songs', 'Funny Chain Letters' and 'About Yourself' and i'm still

19th of August

I added a page called 'Fantasy World' and I updated 'Real life Kata'. Everythings going slower now coz I'm working on fixing up those fanfics I took off.

11th of August

Okay, so I've updated a bit without posting what it was, and now I've forgotton...silly me...
Kay, I've added two new pages, one about my new kitten called 'The real life Kata' and one under 'Handwriting' which is just me writing stuff.
I've added new pics in 'photo's and pictures' and changed the layout and words in a few pages, and I've also taken The Hells Dames out of my fanfiction because THOSE STORIES SUX and they don't have the right personality in them and I HATE THEM so I'm re-doing them during Science and Social Education of school.
Hmmmm, what else have I done? I've added another poem but it really sux, and Miata has writen a bit on my front page. I'm adding another 3 pages soon dedicated to my three best friends in thanks for anyways being there for me, soppy, I know...quite unlike Kata, but hey, you get that *grins*

12th of July

Okay! I've updated:

The Home page- I've put pictures up!
If I were a...- Added what Jess and Alexi think of me.

Pages I've added:

The original Dames
My Own Characters
Crazy Fanfic Ideas
What a Dame Wants
Funny Things

There's text up there ^