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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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My own characters

These are the characters I've made up. Some people are going to get confuzzled! *giggles*


Razamataz, (Raza for short) is Kata's best friend. He is a few months older then her, and they've known each other ever since Macavity took Kata back to his lair ro be his daughter.
He is tall, with a medium coloured brown coat, and darker brown, lighter brown and black patches. He has black eyes, and a friendly grin. He's usually laughing about something, and always speaks his mind. One of the only cats who doesn't hate Kata. When he and Kata were younger, they thought they liked each other, but realized it was just to weird, so they gave up that idea.
He doesn't like to hang around with other cats much, he sticks to Kata's side like glue. He can be very sweet, and understanding, and usually knows what Kata is going to say before she even thinks it. You couldn't get a weirder match of best friends then these two.


She is Kata's identicle sister. She's younger then her, and in personality, she is the total opposite. She looks up to her parents, never swears, has never killed another cat, and has probably never thought a bad thought in her life. She hasn't seen Kata in ages since Kata works for Maca, her adoptive father.


Kata's oldest sister in her litter. One of the 'original' Hells Dames. She's the leader of the Hells Dames, and takes charge of everything.
She has blue eyes and a very dark brown coloured coat, with orange patches everywhere. She is nice, only to Hell Dames
members, and to Kata and Istar because shes her older sister. Xentos disappeared a few weeks after Maca took Kata in. Everything thinks she was either killed, or she found some guy and moved somewhere.


She is also one of the original Hells Dames. She's second in charge since she's Xentoss sister.
She is tall and has a Black and grey coat with chocolate eyes and acts tough, but down inside, shes scared of most things, because she hasnt had a very nice life, as her mother, like Kata, hated her.
She's wondering around somewhere, but no one has seen her for a while.

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