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My experience of CATS

I've seen CATS live twice!

Okay! The first time I ever saw CATS was on the 26th of 1999, in Darwin, Australia. It was CATS Run Away to the Circus and I went with my school. My friends and I LOVED IT and then we were estatic when it came on TV a few weeks later. We all recorded it and memorized it, then bought the video. Miata was the first to buy the CD, and me the second.
We all bought the video and started making websites. (This is my sizth or seventh)

When I was down in a little country town near Perth called Frankland, I saw the add on TV for CATS RATTC (Run Away to the Circus) that was now in Perth. When I got back to Darwin, I told my father, and since I love it so much, he took me out of school, bought me a ticket for the plane and CATS and I saw it again on the 7th of December 2000. Then I got three t-shirts, a hat, an autograph and a few pics. (That I'll put up later)

When I was at my second dose of CATS, at intermision, I was watching this guy, who was on a mobile, and he was like ' Yes Dad, I know when to come on, yep, of couse! WHAT? oh! yeah I know! ' then he hung up. I was staring at him like *Yeah right kid* and he saw me staring and asked me 'WHAT?' then RUM TUM TUGGER walks up and he's like, ' son, are you sure you know when to come on? ' and then he saw me and he was like ' Hey cutie ' and his son was like 'Daaaaaaddddddd, shut up! Leave her alone ' and I was like *I LEFT MY AUTOGRAPH BOOK UP IN MY BAG!!!! I'M AN IDIOT!* so then Tugger walked off, and his son Nick and I got talking and I gave him my address and e-mail cause he wanted them and he said he'd write when he got to, but like AS IF! (He still hasn't written, I don't expect him to, he travels around Australia!)
So that was pretty cool cause Tugger tried to make me dance with him and I was like NO WAY!

And then I went up to Old D at the start of intermission, and I was the second to get autograph, and he was like ' hi? ' and I was like, ' Hi Mister Old Deuteronomy, sir, could I have your autograph? Please? ' and he was like, ' sure! What's your name? ' and I was like ' Katam- Katie sir ' and he chuckled when he saw I LOVE CATS all over it.

Well, that's my experiences, both of them AND THAT'S ONLY THE START! lol

I SAW CATS! la la la AND NICK! (Tugger's Son) GOD HE'S HOT! ;)