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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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Crazy fanfics ideas

I like these! Do you? YOU'D BETTER! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

1- Macavity becomes Jellicle Leader because he is loved by all Jellicles, and he didn't even use magic on them!

2- Rum Tum Tugger actually finds or chooses a life-long-mate!

3- Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (or Rumpelteazer) become good cats and spend their time, righting the wrongs of London.

4- Coricopat or Tantomile dies and the other one is left, confused and scared by everyone. They can't live without each other!

5- Old Deuteronoy loses some weight!

6- Macavity becomes a good cat and sets all his rats free, then takes up needlepoint.

7- The Jellicles see the refletion of the Jellicle Moon in a pond or something, and think it's fallen from the sky, then they try to catch it, and put it back up, by useing the magic tyre.

8- Old Deuteronomy and Victoria become mates ( that's disgusting! )

9- Pouncival and Tumblebrutus stop being hyperactive and turn into twins of Gus.

10- Jemima's voice suddenly becomes higher and higher until you can't hear it anymore.

11- Demeter forgets to scream 'MACAVITY!!!' and the whold tribe nearly dies.

12- Mistoffelees turns Victoria's fur green1!!!

13- Munkustrap meets the Everlasting Cat.

14- The whole tribe goes up the Heavieside Layer.

15- The Jellicles meet Britney Spears and kill her when she starts singing.

16- The Jellicles meet 5ive and get their signatures, then kill them, when the boys don't let them in the band.

17- A little six week old kitten kills Macavity.

18- Macavity has a evil-evil-evil twin.

19- Mistoffelees and Old D do a fat exchange.

20- Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer find out they're not twins.

21- Mistoffelees works for Macavity's master and gets kicked out of the Jellicles.

22- Tantomile finds out she is not Coricopats twin and all this time, Cori was tricking her, by putting a spell on her to hide her REAL coat.

23- When Grizabela is going up to Heavieside layer, she gets rejected out of Heavieside and they throw her back.

24- Rum Tum Tugger turns out to be gay and is really a magical queen, pretending to be a tom.

25- Mistoffelees suddenly has a growth spurt.

heeheehee, this is the bottom of the pagggeeeee!