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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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The Original Dames

These are the original Hells Dames. But they arn't anymore. They used to be Xentos, Zizztsa, Shenzell, Lindzzy, Mindsay and Rennexya. In Venus's RPG, they're Miata, Dexia, Kata and Sabra.
Now, the official Hells Dames, (they have their own RPG, website, blah blah blah) are: Griddlebone, Katamania, Dexia, Gingivere and Miata.

Here's the info on the first ever Hells Dames:

Zizztsa- Is the second in charge since she is Katamania and Xentoss sister. She has a black and grey coat with chocolate eyes and acts tough, but down inside, shes scared
of most things, and hasnt had a very nice life, as her mother, like Kata, hated her.
Zizztsa is the tallest (Except for Xentos) out of the dames.

Rennexya- She has a long, but well built body. A very good fighter, and looks up to Shenzell. She has a white coat with black patches everywhere and green/blue eyes.
She is the toughest Dame, but wouldnt like to be the leader. Shes Shenzells best friend, as they have known each other since they were thrown on to the street by
former owners, at the age of 11 weeks.

Lindzzy and Mindsay- They're identical twins. They both have pure black coats with three silver hoops in their left ear. They have bright blue eyes and are each others best friends. Theyre good fighters, but like to trick the toms with their looks and attitude.

Shenzell- The smallest, but oldest of the group. A bit quiet, but still is Rennexyas best friend.
She has a light brown creamy coat and a single gold hoop in her right ear. Is the smartest of the Hells Dames, golden eyes.

Xentos- Leader of the Hells Dames, takes charge of everything, has blue eyes and a very dark brown coloured coat, with orange patches everywhere, is nice, only to Hell
Dames members, and to Katamania, Razamataz and Istar.

Here is the infomation on the official Hells Dames:

Name: Gingivere or Gingi

Age: young adult, third oldest Dame

Appeance: Gingi is short with brown, black, and red fur and purple eyes. If she had hair, it would always be in a pony tail or braids. She has arm and leg warmers, and wears an purple diamond color for show. And she has a really FLUFFY tail.

Background: Gingi lived in the streets most her life, though she was born in a wealthy family. She ran away to look for her mother, her father, and a mate. She failed in all three, so she spent the rest of her free time
hunting mice and fighting other cats. Well, she just so happened to come
across the Hells Dames, and, after meeting with Macavity, joined him.

Magic: Gingi has some, but not too much. She can levitate (not fly but kinda float), fade through walls (not most kind but certain ones), and she can shoot out electricity bolts. She could try to match Mistoffelees (try, people) but she's not into the fighting stuff.

Role as Dame: Gingi's job for Macavity is to blend into places (like the Jellicle Junkyard) and find out some handy information for Maca.

Name: Griddlebone or Griddle

Age: Adult, the oldest Dame

Appearance: Griddlebone is a white persian. She has long white fur and blue eyes and is the tallest Dame.

Background: Griddle is Macavity's sister and has gone through all the things he has when they were younger.

Magic: none

Role as Dame: The oldest and supposed to look after the others, especially the younger dames. She's treated as leader.

Name: Katamania or Kata

Age: Adult, second oldest Dame

Appearance: Katamania has a white coat with orange and black patches that cover her body so much, there's almost no white. She doesn't wear a collar, but she does have a blue star stud in her right ear that matches Raza's. She very tall and slender, and she's always thinking of something evil, making an evil grin aways stay on her face. Her claws are stained red from blood and she had a few stratches and scars from fighting.

Background: Katamania is the third oldest in her litter. She also has an older sister from an earlier litter called Lessa. The cats in her litter, in age order, are: Xentos, Zizztsa, Katamania, Istar (her identical twin) and Aztec. Someone killed Aztec, and everyone blaimed Kata, although she didn't do it. She ran away, Macavity adopted her, and Kata got a best friend called Razamataz (Raza for short.

Magic: none

Role as Dame: Kata is the tough fighter type who doesn't like girly stuff
Name: Dexia or Dex

Age: young adult, second youngest Dame.

Appearance: Red, tiger striped fur(stripes a darker red), white down chest, tallish in size.

Background: (parents: Bombarlurina and Macavity) The Jellicle tribe left Dex out, because her father is Macavity, and he's the baaaad guy. So she ran away and lived with her dad, he brought her up. That's where she met the rest of the Dames.

Magic: none

Role as Dame: Out of the Dames, Dexia is the girly one, the one who likes fashion, make up, mirrors and glamour. Her job is to go out and look for toms to work for Macavity.

Name: Miata or Matti/y

Age: adolescent, the youngest dame.

Appearance: Tabby with black and gold fur. Kind of resembles Demeter, has a white bib, black tips on her ears and blue eyes. She wears a black leather collar and black wristbands.

Background: Miata's parents died when she was a kitten. She was looked after by cats from her parent's tribe until they left her with Macavity when she was just over a year old.

Magic: none

Role as Dame: Miata is the detective of the group, her job is to go spying around London for information for Macavity.