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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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The ~Kata~ quiz

This is my quiz, answer correctly, and you'll get a prezzie, answer wrong, AND FEEL MY WRATH!

True or False?

1. This site is made by Kata.
2. I am a Hells Dame.
3. All Australians own a koala.
4. Australia has states. (coughkiercough)
5. This site is made on tripod.
6. This site is also made on Geocities.
7. One of my friends is called Ioly.
8. Fireworks hurt you if they explode in your face.
9. I am Australian and go to Kormilda College.
10. You are going to get all of your answers right.

E-mail all your answers so me, with the title, 'The ~Kata~ Quiz'. As I said before:
All correct = present.
Some wrong = FEEL PAIN!
Although if you're special, and you get a few wrong, I'll probably give you a present anyway.

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