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Realm of Kata's insane mind...beware...


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The real life Kata

This page is dedicated to the kitten I'm getting very soon. She's my first ever cat/kitten and I can't wait. She's a calico, so that means she's white with orange and black. If she has stripes, I'd call her Rumpleteazer, but since she has patches, I'm going to call her Kata because I'm up myself and I wanna name her after my character.

As soon as I get her, I'll take a few pics and post them here for people who are really, really really bored or are actually interested in my life. :D

UPDATE! UPDATE! We're definalty geting her on MONDAY THE 20TH OF AUGUST! :D:D:D:D That's tomorrow for me! AHHH!
I can't wait! And I bet nither can you ;)

My little kitty!

Ahhhhh! Ain't she cute? She's sooooo adorable, she likes climbing the flyscream doors in my house and sleeping on my head.


She's my first little kitty for my 15th birthday! I'm so happy!